Thursday, April 12, 2012



first come those little diaphanous
ghosts weaving a cocoon of patience
protecting time and whispering stories
then they dance with the dreams trough
you blood

and your blood starts drawing you completly new
suddenly you recognise the diversity of ways in your
internal inwards you understand all your colours and get a
shape and you start to pluse and it no longer pulses

and this agreement of pulsing speeds up the
move it opens this upanddownparty with guest
in your arteries with visitors that couriously
watch out for interesting occasions
in you

and in the south the cracatoa brakes your heart
and in the north the waves are storming the starts
insects swarm in the shining light of the blood
billions of beeings watch at you loudly without any

this up and down of love, disgust and pain
steals all your sense for questions of taste
your hardly filled arteries dancfloor of eons
which take you strictly in their arms its not a lack

its not a lack
its not a lack

this is an over
flow of live

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