Monday, November 12, 2012

What was up at the FLUPP in Rio?

From 7 to 11 November 2012 Rio de Janeiro's first literature festival in a favela (in Prazares at St. Teresa) took place: FLUPP! It was really an EXTRAORDINARY FESTIVAL because the audience and the concept was quite different from anything else in the world. I took part there in the program of "poets between bombs and spys" to talk about my experiences in the East German oppositional movement of 1989 in Leipzig (which lead to the fall of the wall in Berlin). THIS is what I answered to the question of the very engaged favela TV during the festival ... 

There is a detailed German blog written by me and illustrated with many photos about every day of the festival (see links - german blog).  The teeangers of the favela neighbourhood Prazares painted a quote from the lyrics of my song "sekundenfest" (from the novel "Rabet") an the stairs of their way to the top of the hill in Rio - St Teresa... (Brasilian-Portuguese version by Carlos Abbenseth; to read from the bottom stair to the top.) Muito obrigado, thank you Flavio, Charles & the others!! And congratulations to Toni Marques and his engaged team for this unique successful event.
FLUPP has now been nominated for the Make a Difference Award, which is an annual award given by O Globo newspaper. 

O Globo is part of Organizações Globo, the largest news and entertainment media group in Brazil and one of the largests in the world.

Some Brasilian press articles in Portuguese language concering this:

O segundo dia da FLUPP - Globo (Rio de Janeiro),  10. November 2012

FLUPP no Morro dos Prazares - machete online, 9. November 2012

Arte entre bombas opressao e espioes - FLUPP Blog, 9. November 2012

Novas vozes da periferia - Globo
(Rio de Janeiro),  3. November 2012

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