Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kafka about Egyptian president Mursi

Franz Kafka when asked what he thought of the (Russian) Revolution:

"These people are so confident and funny. They are masters of the streets and think they are the masters of the world. They are wrong. (...) The more the flood spreads, the more shallow and turbid becomes the waterThen the revolution
evaporates and leaves just the mud of a new bureaucracy."

(Gustav Janouch:.. Conversations with Kafka, memories and records Frankfurt 1951, p.71)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

What was up at the FLUPP in Rio?

From 7 to 11 November 2012 Rio de Janeiro's first literature festival in a favela (in Prazares at St. Teresa) took place: FLUPP! It was really an EXTRAORDINARY FESTIVAL because the audience and the concept was quite different from anything else in the world. I took part there in the program of "poets between bombs and spys" to talk about my experiences in the East German oppositional movement of 1989 in Leipzig (which lead to the fall of the wall in Berlin). THIS is what I answered to the question of the very engaged favela TV during the festival ... 

There is a detailed German blog written by me and illustrated with many photos about every day of the festival (see links - german blog).  The teeangers of the favela neighbourhood Prazares painted a quote from the lyrics of my song "sekundenfest" (from the novel "Rabet") an the stairs of their way to the top of the hill in Rio - St Teresa... (Brasilian-Portuguese version by Carlos Abbenseth; to read from the bottom stair to the top.) Muito obrigado, thank you Flavio, Charles & the others!! And congratulations to Toni Marques and his engaged team for this unique successful event.
FLUPP has now been nominated for the Make a Difference Award, which is an annual award given by O Globo newspaper. 

O Globo is part of Organizações Globo, the largest news and entertainment media group in Brazil and one of the largests in the world.

Some Brasilian press articles in Portuguese language concering this:

O segundo dia da FLUPP - Globo (Rio de Janeiro),  10. November 2012

FLUPP no Morro dos Prazares - machete online, 9. November 2012

Arte entre bombas opressao e espioes - FLUPP Blog, 9. November 2012

Novas vozes da periferia - Globo
(Rio de Janeiro),  3. November 2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

tsunami baby

the newest wave is coming baby
i don’t know if you know
what that means

i’m sitting here on the mountain baby
la france beats hawaii in the question of coasts
musk is fortunately already out again
professional experience absolutely required
3D in real-time becoming standard
and pink is the upcoming colour

i, high above, have the overbite overview
novels and film-trilogies are winning the race
whoever is clever prints the explicit lyrics
of the soundtrack promptly in various languages
my verdict on the water-levels blusters unrestrained
on the downward open laughing richter scale
see you tomorrow baby I’ll be right back after a short
application break with the latest insights

good for nothing
but ready for anything
i sit on the mountain baby
near the giant dishes
in clothes that calculate
and receive pictures
near the shining dishes
with which we browse the universe
in london they saw up cows
as artwork in bangkok they
have cockroaches as friends

the newest wave is coming baby
i don’t know if you know
what that means

if you want to know
what you should do baby
look for your own style
I will send you the catalogues

                from "sekundenbuch", poems, Leipziger Literaturverlag 2012.
English version by Martin Jankowski & Rebecca Jany.