Sunday, December 23, 2012

war dance of the stars

sedna in the inner oort cloud
dances in the coldest deep
of this
world unknown
to us


born three hundred thousand
years ago
by a supernova
created the small dense
our local bubble

sweepings of the stars
dance in the sun wind of
the gorgeous heliosphere
tiny bugs
with twenty thousand meters
sun apex per second

chattering and unnoticed
traverse the incredible blank
local flake
in the crust-folds of
little lump of water
blind passengers
for a blink

alpha centauri and deneb
altair and wega and arcturus
proxima cenautri and also you

dance for us
because we can not know


we see nothing

for a

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Playing PIANO GODS - Jazz @ the Berlin Philharmonic

On tuesday, Dec 12 / 2012, three young gods of European piano jazz gave one of the best concerts I have ever witnessed in the last years: Leszek Możdżer (PL), Michael Wollny (D) and Iiro Rantala played a benefit for UNICEF at the Kammermusiksaal of the Berliner Philharmonie - on two grand pianos (one Steinway of the legendary piano master Alfred Brendel) and a Wurlitzer organ. I can only hope that they took a film or at least a recording of this evening! It was undescribably good... Each of them played some own composition, each of them played together with the others, at last all three played together. And I really mean PLAYed - every combination between zero an six hands, every combination you can imagine between 3 instruments and 6 arms of master musicians. It was even sporty and acrobatic sometimes (as they changed their positions husteling around on stage while playing together), but always highest state of the art. Actually, the best was when the masters played their own music in the focussed atmosphere of the philharmonic chamber music hall. A few standards (Bach) and great improvisation were given in a style that was really condign the idea of jazz at the venerable Berlin philharmony. Listen here, at least, to Iiro Rantalas piece "Thinking of misty" that opened that unique and really terrific concert...