Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Digital Totalitarianism

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In the 80ies me and my family were observed and under pressure of the East-German secret service STASI. All my American and British friends were shocked of what these non-democratic tool of opression did to us during the Cold War. Now, long time after the Cold War has ended, the secret services of the USA and the UK start to observe us all without any democtratic legality and control. Is it really the year of 2013, dear friends?! If the Anglo-American secret services (supported by Canada, New Sealand and Australia) and their illegal disctruction of all our data privacy become international then also our demand for democratic control of those dubious institutions must become international ...

No clandestine mass electronic surveillance data mining! Internet control must compeletly be controlled by democratic institutions like parliaments and official courts etc.! Save the internet, save the self-determination, save the freedom of each individuum!

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