Tuesday, March 6, 2012

new songs

new songs

from the duty of revolution
we enjoy the later morning
and the grumbling of the ageing
joggers that in former times everything was better
worse and the youth
did not smile so mildly

we take pleasure in the special reports
on the daily apocalypses of course
we are worried and a little bit indignant
well-behaved rebels
we go and take a shower

we are accused
of accepting everything
                       and of not being sufficiently discontented
we nod assent
and switch off the tremendous music
coming out of the radio we whistle
a little tune
not new but who cares

we are offered revolutionary
soft-drinks exciting
creations and hand-selected
pro-biotic world-cultures 
we are amazed but
thank you

granted, a glass of water
is not new
but still
quite good


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